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We sell fruits from around the world. Please use our website to learn more about our business. We hope you will come to our shop and buy some fruit.

This mini site will show you how you might want to set up a site for a business, in this case one selling fruit. It shows how to use access controls to manage your site content. If you were building a real site, you would might want to extend it with e-commerce, a catalog, mailing lists or other enhancements, many of which are available through the Joomla! Extensions Directory.

To understand this site you will probably want to make one user with groups set to customer and one with group set to grower. By logging in with different privileges you can see how access control works.


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Hari Chakyar

Hari Chakyar
Writer, eco-activist, paper artist and the creator of Project 35 trees


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Sahil Agarwal

Sahil agarwal
Iā€™m a rapper and a songwriter and I go by the name Stevie B.

Amit Dwivedi

Amit Dwivedi
a reporter with hindi daily Navbharat

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